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Get the right tools to help you make your Smartphone Photography easier.

I'm often asked "what extra accessories can I get to help me work on my photographs on my smartphone"


Standard desk stand

I just love this standard desk smartphone holder, it allows you to adjust the viewing angle.

It's ideal for holding your smartphone while editing your images. I also use mine for doing video chats and video messages.

Check it out in the Amazon store

Height adjustable stand

This smartphone holder is more robust and ideal for not only holding your smartphone but also robust enough to hold iPads or tablets upto 300mm or 12 inches

 As you can see it has adjustable height and head rotation functions, again for ease of use.

This item is only available in the USA and Australian(NZ) Amazon stores

Height adjustable stand

If you are in the UK or Europe this model is also available in the UK Amazon store

As you can see it has the same principle as the previous one.

Other accessories

Smartphone stylus

A crucial tool I use everyday with my smartphone is a "Stylus". This allows you to make precise adjustments and placments on your screen. Too often I find my large "Man" fingers get the wrong place or I just don't get control.

There are many styles and price ranges available in the Amazon store click here or the image.

International shops won't deliver to

New Zealand  or Australia?

As a Kiwi, a New Zealander, I have often found this an issue. Luckily there is a convenient workaround or solution.

Through NZ Post you can use a facility called "YouShop", and in Australia its called "ShopMate" where you get your goods shipped to that address in either the USA or Europe, and they then forward it on to you in New Zealand or Australia.

This facility does tend to be more expensive; however, when shopping overseas, you often can buy at better prices, but, in most cases, it is because you can't get the item locally.

I use this facility quite a lot and find it works very well.

Here are the links for the two facilities.

New Zealand Post YouShop:-  https://www.nzpost.co.nz/tools/youshop

Australia Post ShopMate:-  https://shopmate.auspost.com.au/